71158792_MIn a world inundated by online reviews, an insurance agent can have an advantage or disadvantage right from the start. Long before anyone meets the customer, that customer has researched the features and benefits of the products and services in question, read online reviews from other customers and assessed competitor offerings.

So what does this mean for your insurance business?

It means a successful sales professional can no longer expect to show up, fill the room with personality and win based on a persuasive presentation of features and benefits. You have to do more.

To be successful as a salesperson, you must be a business consultant and partner first. You’ll need to convey a deep knowledge of client needs, competitor activity and consumer trends, as well as how your product or service fits into the client’s strategic plans and helps them hone their competitive advantage. Finally, demonstrate how a return on investment, both in terms of hard dollars and positive growth, can lead to long-term outcomes.

Don’t get us wrong, there are still “traditional” aspects of the sales personality that bring value to the sales process. Sales leaders still need representatives who can network for connections, build rapport and develop relationships, but in today’s review-centric world, it’s more important than ever to provide your clients a complete package.

Whether you’re looking to join the industry or hire someone to help your business, make sure you’re considering all of the traits mentioned above for the most success.

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