We can help you pump up your agency’s profits

73937275_MNo doubt you’ve explored a number of ways to make your insurance agency more profitable. Here’s one you may have overlooked: Owning your own premium financing company. Instead of giving away revenue from premium financing to outside sources, we can help you capture that revenue stream by handling it yourself. With your own premium financing organization, you can boost your revenues and help make your agency more profitable.

We know you don’t have a lot of time. That’s why we make the process of starting your own premium financing company easy. We can help you form the company and get started with an easy-to-use online quoting and management system.

COST Financial Group was founded by David E. Gebhardt, who saw that an opportunity existed for insurance agencies to build a separate profit center to enhance their organizational value. He knew, however, that it would be too costly and time-consuming for insurance companies to operate a premium financing company on their own. Today, COST Financial continues to offer a standard of service to which premium finance companies aspire.

Our structure and size allow us to work with our clients on an individualized basis, offering them flexible solutions that fit their market and profit goals. We’re continually adapting and improving our programs to best meet the needs of the insurance agencies we serve.

With our help, insurance agencies can provide their customers a number of great features with their premium financing, such as electronic billing, online account management, 24/7 phone support and more. We do all the work so agency owners can stay focused on their core business. Stop giving away revenue from premium financing and build your own business. Make 2021 the year you enhance your agency’s revenue and value with one simple step.

Questions? We have answers! Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help your agency improve its bottom line.