Tips to motivate your team

Application StoreMotivation can be an organization’s greatest asset. Motivated people try harder and strive to exceed goals and expectations. Here are a few tips to help you motivate your team.

State your mission and goals

It’s impossible for people to excel if they don’t know what the goals are. Make sure that all employees know what the organization’s vision is — its long-term and short-term goals, the “why” of their work.

You also need to set clear, measurable goals, or milestones that every member of your team can achieve as they work toward fulfilling the vision.

Recognize work well done

Money is not the biggest reason that people do good work. Recognition adds a powerful emotional component and drives engagement with the job and the projects.

You can have monthly awards, such as a gift card or lunch coupon, but it also can be as simple as simple as thanking a team member for doing his or her job well. Saying so in front of colleagues can inspire the employee being recognized to continue to do well, or even better, and it can also inspire other employees.

Give feedback

Praise employees when they do well, but don’t neglect correcting or guiding them when they’re not meeting expectations. Give feedback frequently and regularly.

Don’t punish failures

We all make mistakes sometimes, and no one hits every goal every time. Look at mistakes and failures as teachable moments, opportunities to correct procedures or improve training.

Let them manage themselves

No one likes being micromanaged, and most people perform better when they can decide how to do their jobs themselves. Studies show that strategies like flextime, which can allow employees to decide when to arrive and leave work, boost productivity.

Rather than prescribing everything your team members do, give them clear goals, deadlines and guidance to let them use their abilities to exceed your expectations.

Boost teamwork

Encourage people to work together in teams. It makes them feel less isolated, and helps them stay focused on goals. Regular team-building exercises and opportunities for employees to get to know each other better help make teams more effective.

Maintain a healthy environment

A clean, healthy workplace reassures employees and makes them happier — and healthy, happy employees are more motivated and therefore more productive. Make sure the workplace is cleaned regularly, including carpets, floors and washrooms. If your office has a refrigerator or other kitchen facilities, don’t neglect it — it can be a major transmitter of illness!

Don’t schedule useless meetings

The average professional in the United States wastes close to four hours every week in unproductive meetings. Schedule meetings only when the organization needs them. Invite only the people who need to be there. Set the agenda in advance and send it to everyone who is coming. Start the meeting on time, and end it as soon as possible.

Motivation means profit

Employees who continually strive to do more and to exceed expectations can be a business’s greatest asset. As a manager, you can do a lot to make motivation a part of your business’s strategy.