Increase sales by building a rapport with potential clients

2996587 - a pretty african american business woman shaking handsA good agent doesn’t just sell insurance, they sell a better experience for their clients. Clients don’t want to feel like they’re just a number. If they deal with an insurance agent that causes them to feel this way, they’re likely to find someone else. It’s not just about what you’re offering, but how you’re offering it.

A customer wants to be treated as an individual and have their insurance agent recognize their specific needs. This means as a good insurance agent, you’ll have to listen closely and determine what those needs are. Don’t try to sell the client on anything that wouldn’t actually benefit them. Get to know their actual needs. Pay close attention to anything they share with you, negative or positive. This can help you determine what offerings might be of interest to them. But, don’t make the conversation just about what you can sell them.

The conversation should be about your client. You should make the focus on getting to know them and building a good rapport with them. Show your human side. Listen as they share about things personally and professionally. Ask them questions to show genuine interest. Share with them when the timing is right to show you’re authentic.

Take notice of how your client talks, behaves and even how they present themselves. Find ways to relate with them and build a relationship.

When your client feels like they can trust you, they’re more likely to buy from you. But, you have to focus on building a good rapport before you can get them to purchase insurance, especially if you want a client who will stick with you. You may be very knowledgeable about the insurance options you have to offer, but without the right customer service, it will be hard to bring in new clients and keep current clients. So, invest time in getting to know your clients and building this relationship in order to not only make sales but prevent clients from leaving.

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