How much do you know about Generation Z?

three girlfriends having a talk at homeMillennials may get a lot of attention and press, but insurance agencies need to start appealing to a younger cohort or risk becoming out of touch. Consider the fact that Gen Z’ers, born between 1995 and 2012, are beginning to work and make investments in their future. In other words, ignore them and you will increasingly miss out on opportunities to grow your insurance business.

Many members of Gen Z need auto, renters and/or homeowners insurance and for those that have started businesses, commercial insurance as well. Entrepreneurship is a priority for this generation; 41 percent of Gen Z-ers plan to own either a part-time or full-time business, according to a new study, and many already do.

Here are three facts about Gen Z’ers to keep in mind when planning and executing a marketing strategy:

1) They are digital natives. They’ve grown up with smartphones, tablets, and the like. In fact, some can’t remember life without the internet. They feel at home in online communities to the point that in-person interaction can suffer. And though e-commerce is familiar turf, they are skeptical about how their data is used by companies. Privacy is a concern, too. Many Gen Z’ers won’t make online purchases if the interface doesn’t inspire confidence. They also don’t necessarily want to pick up the phone, so make sure you’re able to communicate via customers via e-mail, text and/or chat.

2) They have unique insurance needs. Because they saw their family struggle during and after the recession, they aren’t afraid of hard work and multiple side gigs. Many have stepped up and are willing participants in the gig economy, in part because they’re sensitive about the stereotype that their older peers (Millennials) are entitled. Many are getting internships or even starting businesses before they graduate from school. They may need insurance to cover their entrepreneurial ventures and side gigs.

3) They are informed consumers. Trust is everything to Gen Z’ers who generally don’t make impulse buys. On the other hand, they take the time to research the product inside and out. This is why you need to make sure your reviews are satisfactory. Think both in terms of quantity and quality. Don’t have a solid online presence with good or great reviews? You’ll be at a disadvantage to agencies that do.

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