Four characteristics of a good manager

38081249 - portrait of a young african american business woman - black peopleIt takes time to adjust to a new position at work, especially if you’re taking on a new management role. It might feel like you’re grasping at straws to lead your team, but you’re not alone – many new managers feel overwhelmed.

Below, we’ve outlined the characteristics of a good manager to get you started in your role. Every manager should work on developing these four characteristics:

Collaboration. You want to be passionate about working with your team and encourage your employees to feel the same. While independent work is important, teamwork can establish a more welcoming, supportive company culture.

Growth. As a manager, you should focus on helping your employees progress both individually and as a team. Get to know them on a personal level so you can help them leverage their interests and talents. Find what works for them and what doesn’t.

Inclusion. If you want your team to take risks and contribute to projects, you need to make sure they feel comfortable doing so. Leading by example is a great way to achieve this. Just because you’re a manager doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help. Turn to your team when you’re at a loss. Start a conversation and ask for their comments and feedback.

Valued. Every worker wants to feel valued. If they don’t believe their work is meaningful or making a difference in some way, they won’t be as motivated. Try forming a connection between individual goals and company goals, reminding each worker why their job is so important. Show your appreciation for each member’s effort, and step in to help anyone who falls behind.

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