Improve your agency in 4…3…2…1…

IMPROVE CONCEPTThere’s been a rapid change in the insurance industry over the last few years and it’s been said that we’ll see more change in the next five years than we’ve seen in the last 25. In order for your agency to grow and remain competitive, improvements will need to be made. As we kick off 2019, here are four questions every agent should be asking themselves:

1. How can I plan for the future of my agency in 2019? Whether you’re planning to continue to compete in the marketplace for the next 10 years or transition your company to a successor, perpetuation planning is key for setting yourself up for success. It’s never too early to begin the process, and 2019 is a great year to do it.

2. How can I adopt digital innovations? Technology can help your agency with recruitment and can also help you attract and keep clients. In today’s increasingly digital world, consumers require helpful websites and accessible online customer service. Now is the perfect time to audit your website and see if you can add features like chat or mobile communications to your strategy.

3. How can I deepen and expand my client relationships? We all know clients are our bread and butter; our businesses rely on our clients. According to Agent for the Future, agencies who authentically communicate on a regular basis with their clients see a 1.5 point retention lift over a 12-month period. Putting together a comprehensive marketing strategy and hiring someone to help you—whether inside or outside of your organization—can help you not only retain your current clients but generate new leads as well.

4. How will you shake things up this year? Innovation is happening around us every day and there’s no avoiding it. Our homes and offices now have smart technology and we’re going to be seeing more and more innovations in the coming years. As the owner of an insurance business who also needs to adapt, staying on top of these trends are a must.

Continuing to be agile in the coming years will give you a leg up on the competition. Get started today!