COST Financial: Who we are and what we do

50080671 - mature happy business man on the phoneAs an insurance professional, Managing General Agent, or wholesaler, you’re constantly having to evolve in order to stay competitive. While activities like updating your software and investing in online marketing efforts can help increase your visibility, you need a long term growth solution that can contribute to your overall income.

Have you considered adding financing services to your general offerings? While it might sound intimidating, the process is easier than you think, and adding this service can benefit your agency in a big way.

In 1989, our founder, David E. Gebhardt realized that the premium finance industry lacked both innovation and responsiveness to meet the needs of its’ customers. If outside companies could build a separate profit center, organizational value could be improved, and in turn, businesses could achieve greater levels of success.

Mr. Gebhardt took action, and created a system that allows agencies (like yours) the ability to offer financing services to their customers. Worried that you won’t have time? Don’t be! We take care of the logistics on each and every one of these transactions, from basic account management to billing and collecting. Put simply, we give you the chance to finance customers without having to operate the management side of it.

Here we are, nearly 30 years later, and we’re still offering a service that the competition wishes they could. We will work with you on an individualized basis, and can offer flexible solutions that will align with your specific market and help you to achieve your profit goals. Together, we can grow your business and your client base.